What Is Mrsa | In The Hospital With MRSA Or Staph Infection? There Is Hope!

If you or someone you love is in the hospital with MRSA right now, please read this message. Give me your attention for just a moment. There are a few steps you need to take. Some information you need to have.

What do you do in this terrible situation?

By the time a person gets bad enough to be in the hospital with MRSA, one of two things have happened. Either the immune system is still fighting the bacteria, or it has given up. Usually it has given up. You know if it is still fighting because the person will have a fever, have flu-like symptoms, and generally feel like crud.

The “feeling like crud” symptoms are different when the immune system is fighting than when it has given up. Let me explain.

When a person first gets MRSA, the immune system kicks on, raises the body temperature and begins full attack mode. MRSA bacterium produces Lactic Acid to defend itself against the human immune system. Our immune systems use Nitric Oxide to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. Lactic Acid neutralizes Nitric Oxide.

It’s kind of like a skunk spraying a dog. The skunk uses a chemical to defend itself. Same with MRSA. So, very quickly the immune system must submit to the bacteria. The fever then goes away and the person is left with MRSA symptoms for a long time. Sometimes years. The bacteria lives and thrives and has a good old time.

what is mrsa

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The next step for doctors is to kill the bacteria. As you know, the only tool doctors have to kill bacteria is new and stronger antibiotics. So, they will try different ones and ramp up dosages until they find one that fits the situation. And hopefully that works.

Other MRSA patients may have to return to the hospital every six weeks to continue with antibiotic drips because their symptoms keep coming back. I have a client named Tim that had to do just that. His first email to me was from the hospital–and boy was he ticked! These patients feel that there is no answer.

Tim has not had a break-out in over a year now. Here’s what he did.

He used our product, pHenomenal. All it is, is a product that removes Lactic Acid from the body. Remember, MRSA bacteria uses Lactic Acid to defend itself. Remember our dog/skunk illustration earlier? If you could keep the skunk from spraying, the dog would kill it.

The immune system will kill MRSA bacteria if it has the ability. If you remove the Lactic Acid, the immune system will have the ability to kill the bacteria. It doesn’t matter what antibiotic the bacteria has become resistant to. If you remove the Lactic Acid, your immune system will recognize it for what it is.

That’s the beauty of pHenomenal. You need to get for yourself or the loved one in the hospital.

Sometimes doctors won’t allow you to bring in anything from outside. pHenomenal looks like water. It is as simple as drinking water. You mix it with water and it flushes Lactic Acid from the body–harmlessly.
It is safe to use with antibiotics–there is no conflict whatsoever.

You or your loved one need to start now. Once you remove the burden of Lactic Acid you will no longer be sore or tired. The mood swings will go away. We also have gels to help with skin wounds caused by the bacteria.

MRSA can be stopped by understanding its relationship with lactic acid.
We will see you in our next video and article.

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