What Is Mrsa | MRSA Disease - What You Should Know

Medical news about mur-sa, an acronym for MRSA has been doing the rounds for the past decade. Understanding MRSA disease is important today on account of the widespread implications this infection has on the people infected by this skin ailment.

Here are answers to some frequently asked question on MRSA.

What Is MRSA?

Many people talk of MRSA as a type of virus. This is not so. MRSA is in fact a bacterium that is resistant to treatment with commonly used antibiotics. The abbreviation MRSA stands for methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

How This Disease Manifests Itself?

MRSA disease shows itself as a minor skin infection most of the time. Small red bumps that develop in early MRSA stages are often mistaken with spider bites, boils or pimples. However, it can turn out to be far more serious spreading via wound infection, bloodstream infection and pneumonia. If the bacteria penetrate the body, it can cause potentially serious infections in bones and joints.

Is MRSA A Serious Public Health Threat?

Unfortunately, yes. The use of antibiotics has been too widespread in recent years; in fact one may say antibiotics are being misused to a great extent. This has resulted in this wonder drug losing its sheen as a lifesaving medicine. As more strains of bacteria become resistant to regular antibiotics, more people become victims to illnesses that are difficult to treat. This is a global threat that needs urgent attention.

what is mrsa

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Who Are At Risk?

Nearly everyone is at risk. But the following are more prone than others:

* Nursing home residents and those undergoing long-term care facilities.
* Hospital patients
* Children
* Athletes
* Prisoners
* Military staff
* Patients with weak immune system

How Does MRSA Disease Spread?

Physical contact is the most common mode of transmission for this infection. It is important for people to note that MRSA is not spread through air. Apart from physical contact, this infection can spread through towels, clothing, bedding, bandages and sport equipment.

What Is The Best Mode Of Prevention?

Doctors and healthcare experts recommend the following course of action for prevention and spread of MRSA.

* Do not share personal items such as razors and towels.
* Cover cuts and wounds and skin infections with a clean bandage.
* Persons doing workout in a gym are advised to take a shower.
* Those at workplaces should frequently wash their hands with soap and water or use an alcohol based hand cleaner. An anti bacterial is not necessary.
* Personal belongings like towels, bedding and clothing should be washed in hot water.

Is There A Treatment For MRSA Disease?

The first line of treatment is draining the affected abscess or boils. Antibiotics are not administered at this point of time. Nevertheless, some medical practitioners prescribe antibiotics if the prognosis is not satisfactory. People are advised to complete the entire course of antibiotics and not halt midway.

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