What Is Mrsa | MRSA Treatment | Why Name Our Website MRSA 30 Day?

Have you ever wondered, Why MRSA30Day? It is a pretty interesting name for a website isn’t it?

Someone once told me, “if you want to really change, focus on today. Then tomorrow, do the same thing.” In my mind, with MRSA, if you can just get through that first month, you can win the battle. If you have MRSA, you probably feel like it’s going to stay forever. Just get through that first 30 days.

People with MRSA are in a condition called “Lactic Acidosis.” This is because the MRSA bacteria produces Lactic and Uric acids in the body. The symptoms that follow are tiredness, sore muscles, depression, constipation, etc.

That’s why we offer a sample of pHenomenal. That sample will show you that you can get better. You will feel the difference–and that’s only in the first week.

You’ll be changing your inner environment with pHenomenal. In the first week you will feel better. By the end of the first month, you’re going to feel pretty much back to normal. It doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods, but you’re going to feel a bajillion times better.

what is mrsa

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Our 30 Day Plan includes one month’s worth of pHenomenal concentrate, Alkaline Skin Gel, and B-Phree gel–everything you need to get started feeling better.

Of course, you can order whatever you need when you need it. We recommend sticking with pHenomenal for at least three months. Then we want you to go get a blood test to make sure the bacteria is gone. From that point, just maintain.

The point is to focus on those first 30 days. You absolutely can do it. It will work for you.

Be healthy and be happy.

MRSA can be stopped by understanding its relationship with lactic acid.
We will see you in our next video and article.

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