What Is Mrsa | NDM-1 Worse Than A Comet Hitting The Earth For Humans - Learn About The Superbug

Many folks are worried about the superbug viruses, like MRSA for instance. We are now finding it lurking in the bathrooms of our children’s schools, in locker rooms in High Schools, in public Gyms, and in hospitals. In fact, one estimate puts the number of deaths per year from MRSA complications at 400,000 in the US. That’s well over 10-times the number of people who die in automobile accidents even in the peak years.

There has been some headway made by creating enzymes which can attack the MRSA virus without damaging healthy human cells, but this is slow-going research. Scientists now think they have figured it out, at least according to Rensselaer University research. But MRSA is only one problem, yes, it’s life-threatening, but there is more.

This is serious, but it just got worse, something else has appeared on the Radar Screen recently; The NDM-1 Superbug. How serious is it? Well, it’s pretty deadly but it seems to just be getting started, some 150 cases now in India and Pakistan, some more in China, South Korea, and one in Japan. Unfortunately, it has also taken hold in the UK with 37-known cases. It’s just a matter of time, right now authorities are watching it very closely.

Not long ago, I was contacted by a specialist in this field, who has written many books on this topic, and we agreed this is very interesting, as we this is yet another dangerous problem on the horizon. For instance, Homeland Security Newswire article stated:

“Researchers warn that the spread of a drug-resistant bacterial gene could herald the end of antibiotics; the bleak prediction follows his research into a drug-resistant bacterial gene called NDM-1, or New Delhi metallo-?-lactamase 1, which was first identified in India; researchers identified 143 cases of NDM-1 across India and Pakistan, but 37 — a surprisingly high figure — in the United Kingdom.”

what is mrsa

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Julian Lieb, M.D. suggests that lithium might be the answer. In a research paper Julian shows some interesting findings indeed; Could lithium help? Well perhaps, it’s worth a look see. Julian Lieb is the author or co-author of 48 articles and 11 books and definitely has the research to back up such assertions. In fact, the theory that mood enhancement boosts the immune system is known, as people with depression tend to get sick more and are more susceptible to disease.

Could Julian be onto something here? Is this the answer? On this topic, I have some of my own opinions and questions for instance a Runner’s High produces endorphins and thus might do the same thing? As it would fit Doctor Lieb’s theory – mood enhancement, boosts immune system. The reason I ask, is I never get sick, and I was a competitive runner for years.

Next point of contention in Lieb’s argument promoting Lithium is that it is of course a Neurotoxin in amounts and percentages in the body, basically anything over trace amounts. And while it is used for psychological mental disorders, too much is a problem, and as I recall there might be a suicide risk too.

Now then, with regards to hybrid cars with ion-lithium batteries that too is an issue with disposal, we already are challenged by these chemicals getting into the water supply from personal tech devices and batteries which somehow miss their recycling program? Maybe the ion-lithium disposed battery waste and leakage ending up in our water supply will make everyone’s mood enhanced so they will get less-sick. This would be good for our nation’s medical costs, Medicare if it is so?

On another note, It is also theorized that a mere 1-degree temperature (F) increase in the brain cures most people’s depression, thus, an increase in climate temperature could also solve the issues with depressed individuals. Perhaps, personal theory/hypothesis/question.

Since it appears that Doctor Lieb has at least questions some of the hanky-panky going on with the whole Big Pharma – Medical Industrial Complex, with regards to research, FDA approval, and the sale of antibiotics and other treatment drugs, maybe the answer does not lie in creating yet another synthetic drug mimicking lithium or some such mood enhancement element or naturally occurring compound, or organic substance found in nature – to help boost the immune system by making happier humans?

Now as a skeptic, I ask yet one more question, as I would be concerned and thus, need help in answering the question of taking any psyche drug for the purpose of stopping a superbug, and so, I ask for another solution – What say you? If we dummy-down our population anymore, it could get very crazy, we already see the mass mob manipulated by social networks to move towards chaos from relative stability in our societies and civilization. If everyone was on drugs or was loaded up with neuro-toxins, what then?

This is an interesting topic, let’s talk. Yes, let’s all talk about the serious nature of superbugs that threaten to wreak havoc on human civilizations. Please consider all of this.


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