What Is Mrsa | Symptoms Of MRSA Infections

First let me say that MRSA is a bacteria that is methicillin-resistant. So what does this really mean? This bacteria is smart, and it fights the antibiotics by learning how to attach enzymes that inactivate the effectiveness of them and there are two other methods the bacteria uses but that is another Ezine.

MRSA can cause a whole range of symptoms.

Minor skin infections, such as pimples

boils (furuncles)

cellulitis folliculitis


scalded skin syndrome and abscesses


toxic shock syndrome (TSS)

bacteremia and sepsis.

This can be some really nasty stuff. Now my first symptom was a stye, and I had one in each eye, and they both lasted over a week. Then from just one pimple (infected hair) on my little finger, MRSA found it’s way in and it started eating away at my hand. For many people once they are infected with MRSA they will continue to have symptoms in the form of boils, or any cut gets reinfected very easy because of immune system weakness. Now I am no Doctor but from what I have researched about man-made antibiotics, is that they not only kill the bad bacteria but also the good and they leave our bodies more prone to infections because of a weakened immune system.

what is mrsa

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To keep any symptoms of MRSA from reoccurring I have found a natural antibiotic that has done me wonders. Not only have I not had any new symptoms, but I have not even caught a cold in the 4 months since I started taking it. But I still pay close attention to any reddened areas on my skin or bumps. When I find one, I watch it closely, and if it continues to get larger then it is a good possibility of a new symptom of MRSA. Of course I do not give any symptom that may be a recurring infection much of a chance, by using good natural topical creams at the first sign of anything on my body.

We must all do our part to help each other with any infection, by keeping good habits, like washing your hands often and not sharing razors or even towels. Keep all cuts clean and covered and watch our pets for signs of sores that are not healing. Our pets can get MRSA too, and we can get and give it to them.

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